MPEG4 Movie (Approx. 3MB)
Description "Annelida" is an algorithmic animation piece consisting of a collection of the abstract forms generated by the algorithm based on peristaltic movement. Peristaltic movement is the basic life movement observed in earthworms or human digestive system. For example, an earthworm crawls by peristalsis, the movement produced by rhythmic waves of muscle contraction from head to tail. Additionally, when the contraction of body segment is propagated backward, intersegmental delays of the propagation generate a unique rhythmic pattern. Furthermore, by repeating the peristaltic movement, a sequence of the body segments represents a smooth curve. Focusing on these morphologic characteristics, a motion algorithm based on peristalsis was implemented and this animation work using the algorithm was produced.
Duration 3 min 04 sec
Awards Excellence Award, Section of Moving Images, 2006 ADAA (Fukuoka, Japan)
Honorable Mention, The 3rd Digital Concour in Kita-Kyushu (Fukuoka, Japan)
Eurographics2006, Animation Showcase (Vienna, Austria)
The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival (San Diego, USA)
Computer Graphics International 2007 (Petropolis, Brazil)