MPEG4 Movie (Approx. 3MB)
Description "MICROCOSM" is a 2D animation piece on the theme of the micro world. When we look through a microscope, we can discover a microcosm where many curious things exist – snowflakes, pollen, algae and so on. This work is an attempt to represent the artistic beauty found in this microscopic world using an original algorithm.
Duration 2 min 59 sec
Awards Honorary Mention, Prix Ars Electronica 2004 (Lint, Austria)
Grand Prize, Section of Non-Interactive Art, 2003ADAA (Fukuoka, Japan)
Excellence Award, The 9th computer graphics contest for students (Tokyo, Japan)
Excellence Award, Digital Ihatov Grandprix 2004 (Iwate, Japan)
Honorable Mention, Digital Art Award 2004 (Tokyo, Japan)
Honorable Mention, Nikkei Visual Science Festa 2003 (Tokyo, Japan)
Honorable Mention, DiVA 2nd Exhibition 2004 (Tokyo, Japan)
SIGGRAPH2004 Animation Theater (Los Angeles, USA)
SIGGRAPH2004 Art Gallery (Los Angeles, USA)
The 6th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival (San Diego, USA)
Digital Inter Connection (Tokyo, Japan)
The 6th Asian Design Conference (Ibaraki, Japan)
Media Art in the World (Tokyo, Japan)
Asian CG Exhibition (Saitama, Japan)
Futureshorts: Special Japan (Moscow, Russia)
Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival 2005 (Seoul, Korea)
45th Cracow Film Festival (Cracow, Poland)
Northwest Asian American Film Festival 2006(Seattle, USA)
Linoleum festival 2008 (Moscow, Russia)