MPEG4 Movie (approx. 3MB)
Description "Orb" is an algorithmic animation piece consisting of a collection of ornate objects. Gilded ornamental patterns on the surface of the objects were rendered as procedural textures generated with metaballs. Specifically, an original metaball algorithm that performs a threshold-detection for all metaballs was used in this work. The algorithm can generate complicated and unexpected forms in which the curves of each metaball emerge partially. Metaballs with regular polygonal density distribution such as triangular or hexagonal were also used.
Duration 2 min 30 sec
Award Excellence Award, 2008 Asia Didital Art Award (Fukuoka, Japan)
ASIAGRAPH 2008, (Tokyo, Japan)
The 5th Istanbul Animation Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)
SIGGRAPH Asia 2008, Animation Theatre (Singapore)